Dry, scratchy eyes can be irritating, but when combined with blurred vision or sensitivity to sunlight they can be downright debilitating.

If this is the case for you, you may have a chronic condition called evaporative dry eye, which often can’t be relieved by eye drops or warm compresses. For many people, true relief comes from LipiFlow®.
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What is LipiFlow®?

LipiFlow® is a procedure that treats not just the symptoms of chronic dry eyes but gets to the root of the actual cause. By opening and clearing blocked glands, the LipiFlow® Thermal Pulsation System allows the eyes to continue in the natural production of oils necessary to create tears.

This technology applies controlled heat to the inner eyelid at mild intermittent pressure, which releases the oils from the blocked glands without causing any damage to the eyes.

Lipiflow Console with Activators

Lipiflow Console with Activators

Lipiscan Machine

Lipiscan Machine

How LipiFlow® Works

LipiFlow® is an outpatient procedure, performed in a doctor’s office, and in some cases, can even be completed the same day as your evaluation. Often your provider will have you complete a series of evaluations, including a questionnaire, to determine the likely cause of your dry eyes.
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Is LipiFlow® Right for You?

LipiFlow® can be a life-changing procedure that can relieve you of your chronic dry eyes permanently. The LipiFlow® technology provides a level of accuracy and quality that allows providers to treat their patients with confidence and ease. Contact us today to find out how LipiFlow® can help you!

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